"Just throw it in the wilds?"

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"Just throw it in the wilds?"

Postby valadrion » Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:32 pm

Hi Guys.

Just checking back after "another couple of years" (holy cow.. glad I even remembered my login) just to learn that nothing have changed, no (realy) updates or infos were provided and so on.
Even the "moderator" hasn't visited "her" board for over half a year :).
Maybe this side/forum has just been forgotten on some server in the endless space of the internet and only the bravest and most hopefull of fans stumble upon an old favorite link every now and then.

But anyway:
Do you ever thought about making the current project state public and make it open source so "a community" can build and/or catch up so this will at least some time will come to life?

I mean: When I started a project back in my coding days and lay it to rest for a couple of month, I mostly realized that I have no more idea what I have done there and where to continoue and than just put it back to the "to check later black hole".
With my projects it would have been useless to put on open source platforms so there may be some one or some guys interessted to finish it.
But you guys have some attention and this project is interessting for many people out there beeing tired of the last XCOM game and would love to dive in a fresh reboot of the good old UFO style.

This beeing sad, I will leave and check back in "another couple of years".. maybe.

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