Progress Update?

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Progress Update?

Postby Deadpaladin » Sat Jul 18, 2015 1:33 am

Would it be to much to get a fuller progress update on how the game is progressing please?

We all love the game, we love how it is looking and we all want to give you our monies!!

Since we cant do that till you finish can you give us something to show we arent wasting our time checking in here every few months and finding nothing new.

We honestly as a community dont care if you are telling us the problems you are facing or about the progress you are making. Or even if its balancing issues. We dont even care if your pet gold fish needs its water cleaning and your busy doing that!

We want more info other than automated response of a telephone secretary (5 menus of 9 options with 10 minutes of music to find you have to redial and go through it all again to another department kinda thing)

We are desperate for information and interaction. I myself am becoming very dispondent. If the day is pushed back again and the forums remain this quiet i think ill just wait untill the day i stumble across it on a website like GAME if it ever does.

AGAIN please keep[ us informed of whats happening. One 10 minute webcast a month is nothing, not to the developement team, not to the liasons (Jessie) and not to anyone after being paid for something eventually.

I mean the CEO of CCP (Eve Online) finds time to do webcasts, as do thier lead developers of each patch (every 3 months ish). Make a joke out of it and do it in the sauna, the shower, the toilet or even on the bus home. Just do SOMETHING......
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